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My Care Now, LLC is a full-service family medicine clinic located in DuBois, PA. Since 2008, we have been treating patients ranging from newborns to the elderly.

News and Information

Visit this section often for news and information that could be relevant to your and your family’s health during specific times of the year. You can share this with other people to help keep them aware. Here, we will discuss topics such as public health concerns, such as Lyme disease and influenza, as well as, healthy living tips, and more.

Coronavirus Self-Checker

The Coronavirus Self-Checker is an interactive clinical assessment tool that will assist individuals ages 2 and older on deciding when to seek testing or medical care if they suspect they or someone they know has contracted COVID-19 or has come into close contact with someone who has COVID-19.

The tool can be found at:

Latest Information Regarding COVID-19 Visit:

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For your convenience, our forms are available for download. Please fill them out and bring them to our office upon your first visit.

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